I voted Brexit. But I thought the level of discussion at the time of the referendum was poor. From the Remain camp came the economists and bureaucrats with their dire predictions. Ridiculous endeavour at intimidation.


But the opposition from the Leave camp was little better. The crude attack on immigration was just what one would expect from the extreme right, whether that be within the Tory party or outside in some neo-fascist shell.


The real case for leaving the EU is a democratic case. I wish to leave the EU because the Brussels regime is a travesty of democratic government. My position is not a chauvinistic position nor a position supported by any of the various extreme right platforms that have taken up the Brexit cause.


It is a sad reflection on modern politics that widespread protest at the growing impoverishment of many sectors of modern society, elderly, student or other, whether working class, or middle class, is tricked and trapped into political parties that are of the right. These movements generically known as populist are not worth the time of day.


There is a good future for socialism. It must embrace constitutional change, change that will stop the political process being controlled by the financial system. Finance should be subordinate to the political system. Moreover as a sub-system in its own right, it is insufficiently well designed to manage its own affairs. Capitalism is bankrupt because its structure is unfit for purpose.


We must start within our own country, and examine the control exerted by finance on all aspects of society, schools, health service, law, for example. The misuse, through excess, of credit is an issue.  


But with the growth of globalisation, a process that fundamentally changes relations between states, fresh thought must be given to the constitutional structure of the international order. The deployment of secret and security services not subject to parliamentary supervision is an issue. From this point of view, the EU is dysfunctional. Its impact will be that of creating a political vacuum at the global level, with power hidden within the financial system and the peoples of the world reduced to serfdom.


March 2017



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