BA (Oxon)    

Psychology & Philosophy        

1961 - 64

MSc (Lond)        

Political Science                               

1966 - 68

  Also qualified in systems analysis, C Programming, Personnel Management; Amateur Radio  Licence (2016).



My IT career started c1990 with a Job Centre sponsored course in DTP. It has continued ever since on a self-employed basis, the work always available but always also sparse.

At the same time I joined a co-op the CWS SE Region now the Co-operative Group. I gave up that membership c2004 but joined another, The Phone Co-op.

In earlier days following graduation at Oxford, I have been variously a teacher and lecturer; my first job was as a teacher in Ghana, but the most interesting work was as a lecturer in Industrial Relations at a FE College. I have also worked in administration and personnel management in an engineering company. And endured extensive unemployment under Thatcher’s Tories.

My over-riding interest has indeed always been the Social Sciences and I have written extensively in this area, though with little published work to show for it.




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