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Design of computer systems for small organisations, both business and voluntary sector:

  • Substantial experience in database design and construction, with special reference to social and organisational structure.
  • Quantitative analysis based on spreadsheets, including computerisation of accounts.
  • Construction, repair and maintenance of hardware, including servers and small networks; installation and configuration of operating systems and software including backup, archiving and security.
  • Training of staff in the above range of functions.
  • Services relating to browser and internet developments.

    Specialist in Microsoft Access and Excel: modelling and customisation using Visual Basic within the Windows-Intel platform. Expertise in integration of other applications (e.g. accounts packages or sales data sources) with Microsoft Office Suite.

    Within the framework of Microsoft Office Suite, the expected Word competencies, (editing, text handling, page layout, and other functions in publishing and journalism) are offered, as also are Outlook and PowerPoint.

    Beyond this platform, skills have been extended into the new applications including SQL Server, Visual Studio and Adobe Creative Suite. Windows in many versions including XP, 7, 10 and Windows Server is assumed.

    Linux, Raspberry Pi, AS/400 are now also on the agenda.



Original  of this set 2004; limited updating 2017




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