Over the past 9 years, I have been working on a number of projects in this arena. I have engaged in major projects in archive database design and in retail administration.


Organisational Databases

I have been responsible for the development of databases of the archives of large and complex organisations. The archives included both documents (printed, handwritten and typed), artefacts of various kinds and also pictorial records. Classification of such items is a major issue, work for which I am well qualified. This work was done in Access. 

    In this work the design of the user interface also demands attention. In addition to the form and report functions that Access contains, user interfaces may be created for presentation by means of a browser. The developing technology may involve the use of languages such as XML that are still under development themselves. SQL Server parallels Access on the large enterprise scale.


Business Systems

Both Access and Excel can be used to design a wide range of co-ordinated management systems. My experience has been in the construction of invoicing and stock control systems. Visual Basic is the means whereby the required functionality is built into the system. In addition to the code work, there is a need to give in-depth attention to the procedures used previously by the organisation and to the way the user will work at the computer. 

    This area of development is of exceptional value where an organisation is not working with standardised, factory-made products that can be accommodated into a simple procedure. For example where food is cut and sold on the premises.



 I have been building and maintaining computers for over 10 years and have knowledge of issues of compatibility and configuration that bedevil so many systems. I am familiar with a wide range of peripherals including scanners and printers (inkjet and laser). Setting up and installing peripherals and applications, together with the maintenance and repair of hardware, are established competences.


Internet and Broadband

My internet work includes both establishing and securing broadband connections and the preparation of content for browser use. I have experience of small networks and firewall technology.

    The Internet is a major focus of current public and media interest. For all organisations, it makes possible electronic communications and electronic commerce. Yet the claim that the Internet offers enormous business opportunities is untested. The risks and costs of venturing into e-commerce may still be excessive. Its reliability has not been established to a standard that is acceptable to many public organisations, even though with heavy investment highly specialised systems can be established.

    It is only recently that I have been involved in Internet developments. I now can offer skills in developing systems for browsers. I have experience of putting large quantities of information on to CD-ROMs and setting up small websites. This goes beyond Office suite to FrontPage and Visual Studio.


Security Safeguards

Safeguards and security are necessary for internal systems and Windows Server 2003 offers considerable scope for ensuring data is kept where it belongs.

    With regard to the Internet, no one who has used a computer for any length of time will have missed out on the experience of viruses, trojans and other malicious software. In this regard the Internet has become a hazard. Its ageing and obsolescing protocols are beginning to detract from its remarkable potential for communication. But while we await new protocols, firewalls and anti-virus systems are steadily improving and effective safeguards and remedial measures may be brought into operation and give substantial protection.



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